Larry Maccherone

Major upgrades to documentdb-utils

Also, C# .NET examples for documentdb-lumenize aggregations

I've just now finished pushing a major upgrade to documentdb-utils and adding C# .NET examples to documentdb-lumenize docs.

With support for upserts, id-based links, and maxItemCount -1, a lot of the API design decisions that I made when I originally created documentdb-utils have been overcome by events... a testament to the . . .

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December 09, 2015

Announcing documentdb-lumenize

An aggregation framework for Microsoft's Azure DocumentDB NoSQL database

The bad news: DocumentDB does not include aggregation capability.

The good news: DocumentDB includes stored procedures and documentdb-lumenize uses this to add aggregation capability that far exceeds that which you are used to with SQL.

As Michael Stonbraker, genius creator of not one but three wildly successful databases . . .

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July 09, 2015